Quick word on STI

The local bourse has been trading in a range for longer than i expected. I remember a post some time ago on an important week for the STI. Well, till now, we still do not know where the market seems to want to go to. Its been trading between 2600 and 2700. Any good break above 2700 should signify much more immediate upside potential in my opinion. Close below 2570 would be bearish for me.
It has to take a direction sooner or later. Thats why i would not want to take on new long term positions, for any stock. But of course since the STI is rangebound for now, i believe its alright to get into trading mode.
The major international indices have not recovered as much as the asian markets as you people would know. Therefore, i do believe if the major markets move up in the next few months, the asian markets would have no choice but to follow, no matter where they are. Thats one reason why i made sure i got into any positions quickly. More charts on long term outlooks should come in within the next two weeks i hope. Thats way i can better illustrate my views.


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