Heads and shoulders

Hello all,

I have a chart of the STI for you all today. On the chart, you will see many head and shoulders patterns, and the opposite – inverted head-and-shoulders as well. Almost all of them are considered small patterns, or even smaller than small – micro, mini, whatever name you want to give. The latest development I see on the chart of the STI is a potential head and shoulders pattern. The left shoulder actually contains a smaller head and shoulders pattern that I posted about. That pattern broke downards, only to stage a powerful reversal to send the STI to record post-crash levels. This potential pattern, once confirmed, will attract my attention as it is of good size. Basic technical theory will teach you that such a pattern should be considered bearish. I believe that head and shoulders can also mean an upward breakout. The key levels are the neckline, and “the head”.

Please do not get carried away yet. I am a strong believer of waiting for patterns to confirm before acting on patterns. But for now, I am going to favour the bullish camp for two reasons: one, I have already indicated in past posts on my general bullish stance; two, seeing how the STI is in an intermediate uptrend, I can only expect more upside while thinking of the age-old adage – the trend is your friend.


In the next chart, you will see two parallel channels. One is a parallel channel with a centreline, the second, probably the “famous” one, is in black. Either way you see it, we are in an uptrend, so naturally I will be a bull and if the head and shoulders pattern does confirm, I would be expecting upside, unless a downward breakout occurs.

I have just realised though, that the potential pattern is at the top of both channels, which is a technical sell signal. I can only conclude that true to my last post on indices, the markets are at a crucial point now. Remember, channels will end some time.

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