LMA Intl and EDMI

Hello traders/investors,

I have two more charts that have similar looking channels to Frencken’s. I have EDMI and LMA International.

First up, EDMI, 5DR.SI. I have a bullish pattern on the chart – an upward parallel channel. Price is hovering just above the bottom of the channel. I like the moving averages on the weekly chart. The recent crossover of the 50-week MA over the 200-week MA is bullish for me. And with price above the 200-week MA, I will be a bull on EDMI.

Next up, LMA International, L24.SI. I see a similar looking channel on th weekly chart. Recently price has just gotten above the 200-week MA. With price hovering near the bottom of the channel as well, I will be looking for some upside in the weeks to come. I like the picture of the indicators. The MACD is comfortably above the 0 line.

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