Cosco not looking good

Evening all,

Recently I have not had much time to come online, so you do not see much updates here. I will probably be quite busy until the end of next week at least. After that, I should be able to resume with 2 or 3 posts each week. I hope to see you all around again. Today, I have a post on Cosco Corp – F83.SI.

In my previous posts on Cosco, I kept a huge upward parallel channel on the chart. Below, you will see that price is now – strictly speaking – under the long channel. I will stop short of saying that Cosco has broken out of a steady, huge channel as I prefer to wait for some more days before considering the breakout a true one; however, I must admit Cosco’s share price is now looking very bearish. Breaking down from a channel is not a good thing.

Apart from a bearish-looking breakout, the chart has showed me other bearish signs as well. I believe very much in identifying chart patterns, and in this case, I have a confirmed double top pattern in Cosco’s chart. I do not like this pattern very much because I do not find it reliable enough for trading. In fact, I think most experienced chartists may also not respect this pattern. I am highlighting it here as it matches with other bearish signs on the chart. Next, Cosco has been rejected at the 200-week MA – not once, but twice. This is certainly a bearish indication; also, the 200-week MA is starting to turn down.

On the daily scale, note that price is now clearly below the ever-important 200-day MA. Further, the 50-day MA is close to crossing down below the 200-day MA. How bearish can you get?

With so many bearish indications on the chart, I am going to hold quite a bearish stance on Cosco. I have added in fibonacci retracements study onto the daily chart below – the high and low taken are the high and low of the huge upward channel. Right now, price is finding support at the 38.2% level. If what we are seeing now is a true breakdown from the channel, we should look for much more downside in Cosco.

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