Shanghai Stock Exchange update

Evening all,

I have a short update on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) for today. In my last few posts on the SSE, I identified a potential huge symmetrical triangle on the chart. Over th last 2 months or so, the SSE came close to testing the bottom trendline that I have on the chart. It was worrisome seeing such a test. I certainly hope the triangle does not break to the downside. It is always best to hope the market is doing well. Anyways, I realised that I did move my trendline to accomodate the SSE’s recent move to about 2600. To be honest, if I were to stick with my tighter, old trendline, the recent move dow will be considered a break towards the downside from a symmetrical triangle.

When looking at huge patterns, I try to allow for some volatility. So I still see the SSE as trading in a symmetrical triangle. Once again, the SSE is still very near to the apex of the triangle – this tells me that the start of a huge move should be on the way. Let us continue to watch the SSE’s movement in the weeks ahead.

Now, I am sure quite a number of you may not agree with me on this humongous pattern (a potential one for now, actually) since there is a general belief that technical analysis does not hold water for long-term outooks. As far as my brand of technical analysis is concerned, I believe a pattern can be as huge as it wants to be. So, I will be looking at the chart of the SSE, bearing in mind the huge symmetrical triangle. I have seen huge patterns work out fantastic, and there are of course a few “bad apples” here and there. For small chart patterns, it is the same as well right? I see no difference in performance, thus I will take what I see on a chart, and trust that it will show me the general direction of the market.

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