Step aside

Hey all,

Seems like “BB 2” (bloodbath 2) happened on Monday. And as I post this on a Tuesday afternoon – waiting for our nation’s NDP parade in the evening – the Hang Seng is down 600 points, and the Dow closed 634 points lower overnight. In my last post, I uploaded charts with parallel channels. Now, all those channels have been violated very clearly , sadly. I am going to step out of the markets for a while, and wait for the selling off to be over before looking at the charts again. There is no way finding out how low we can go from using the chart, or any other method. Yes, some of us are probably bleeding and our portfolios may have been badly hit, sliced, smashed, whatever (good for you, if you are long gold, and short oil). But, there is not much we can do from here, or at least, for me, I will wait for all the chaos to clear up on the chart.


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