Gold consolidating

Good evening traders,

Today, I have my all-time second post on Gold. The past few weeks Gold slid from above $1,700 to as low as the $1,640 region. Gold has been in this territory for quite a while after making all-time highs above $1,900. The consolidation gives us two important levels – $1,800 and $1,600, give and take several dollars. $1,700 has been sort of a “trigger level” for me the past months. When price got above that level, a short rally ensued (blue dotted lines below). I made some money off those small rallies. Now, price dropped quickly below $1,700 and now Gold is in a clear short-term downtrend. If I may suggest a reason for this, it is that money is coming out of this perceived safe haven and into the rallying equities. Given the support zone that is coming into play soon, I will be looking for short-term long opportunities. One thing that I do not like in the Gold chart – since I am a long-term (many years) bull – is that price is currently well below the 200-day MA. Nevertheless, I will be looking for short-term upside once Gold drops slightly further down closer to $1,600.

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