USDSGD “very high”. “Anything can happen”

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The recent sell-offs in equity is driving money to the safety of US Dollars. I managed to catch some profits on the back of US dollar strength. Now, this post is concerning the USD/SGD pair. In my last post on it, I identified a small parallel channel towards the downside. This channel gave me one last short set-up, before it got violated towards the upside – goes to show how important it is to snatch profits when trading small channels.

In the chart below, you will see a large downward parallel channel with a centreline. The downward bias depicts general bearishness of the USDSGD over the last year or so. Also, I have fibonacci retracements study taking the high at 1.3100 and the low at 1.2400. The 38.2% retracement level came into play quite nicely during one period (in blue border colour). However, the recent buying pressure proved too strong for it. USDSGD even broke through the 200-day MA very strongly. Immediate resistance is the 50% retracement line at 1.2750. Although I  like following the trend (short-term downtrend as of now) when trading, I am looking for short set-ups in USDSGD. Stops will be, as usual, crucial in shorting USDSGD. If you take a look at the left side of the chart, you will see a 1000-pip rally (yes, 1000, not 100) by USDSGD. In a time like now, if flight-to-quality continues, the greenback is just going to continue on higher. Chart-wise, am I seeing that? Yes, there is more room for upside. And why?

One, the downward parallel channel tells me that resistance is overhead at about 1.28800 (high 1.28s). Two, the 61.8% level – which will come in play if USDSGD stays above the 50% level, is at 1.2830. Three, the triangle formation that is in play shows resistance at the 1.2900 region. I want to say some words on the triangle pattern. The symmetrical triangle was identified quite a while ago. A downward breakout occurred, and downside we got. As with all triangles, whether in a stock chart or a forex chart, support/resistance levels can be established based on the pattern. They way I was taught, and continue to use, is to establish support/resistance at the last trough of the triangle. I circle the last trough of the triangle in the USDSGD in pink colour. That area is a good 400 pips above 1.2900. The reason I am highlighting this area now is because price is going up against the trend expected. Coming out of a triangle towards the downside means that we establish a downward target, and look for a downtrend. In this case, USDSGD is retracing back up. So we watch for the resistance – provided by the last trough in the triangle. Finally, major recent highs are at 1.3000-1.3100. As we get closer to the resistance levels overhead, I will be getting ready short set-ups, hence my post title “USDSGD very high”.

At this juncture, I want to address something. Those who do not trust technical analysis sometimes criticise how we chartists use terms like “overbought/oversold”, “too high/low”, and ” overextended”. I have friends who, after picking up a growth investing or general fundamental analysis book, rebut me when I say things like how a security cannot go above/below a certain level because of technical reasons. Of course, who is to say USDSGD cannot breach 1.3100. Anything can happen, especially in the forex market. But the thing is, if a trader is going to say anything can happen all the time, then how on earth are you going to enter/exit the market? So, yes a chartist like me will say things like how the USDSGD should not be breaching major resistance at 1.3100. But, what I mean by that is that overbought regions are where my short entries will be at, together with stop-loss orders lined up overhead.

In conclusion, I will be looking for short opportunities in USDSGD, bearing in mind some more room for upside.

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