ASX ascending triangle observation

Good day all,

The past week I was busy with forex and gold charts. Made a few good trades, and decided to cash out before the week was over. I have been looking through equity charts, and was finding for any clear bearish signals. From what I am seeing, I have not seen clear-cut, short-term signals; however, I am obviously going to look for more downside in the weeks to come. It is definitely too early to tell if a reversal will take place. I have entry orders to catch strong selling pressure for equities. For now, I have an interesting chart to show you all.

The ASX – barometer for Australian stocks – has formed a good-looking triangle pattern. After the US debt default, the ASX traded in a rangebound fashion, and formed a neat ascending triangle. I was going to put up a post, but wanted to wait for a breakout. An upward breakout did occur (blue shade) but it did not have strong volume. True to theory, the ASX fell down and plunged 300 points downwards to where it is now. I classify this post-breakout pattern as a busted ascending triangle. I wish I had seen the failure of the upward breakout. Busted triangles should go in the opposite direction very quickly – very powerful moves. Once again, true to theory, the ASX plunged downwards fast. Anyways, what has passed has passed; we now look look for a target. Based on the triangle, the downward move is not complete. A target using the height of the triangle brings us down to the 3900 region. That is a good 3% + room left for downside – the figure 3 does not look so small once you start talking about CFDs and leverage.

So, I will look for the ASX to hit 4000 at least in the weeks to come.

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