Jardine C&C in potential bull flag

Evening all,

Jardine C&C, C07.SI is forming what looks like a potential bull flag. At the start of July, Jardine C&C put in long white candles on good volume to push price near to all-time highs. The rest of the month saw a retracement down to the 50- and 200-day MAs. Volume tapered off as well.

In light grey circles, I highlighted a potential inverted head and shoulders pattern too. With these two potentially bullish patterns, there is quite a chance Jardine will break out and blast through all-time highs. A breakout remains to be seen though. On the left side of the chart, you will notice another inverted head and shoulders pattern. This one looks much better in terms of price action, but there was no strong breakout, and the pattern fizzled out in the end.

Riding on the positive sentiment, Jardine C&C may find some buying pressure. If it does happen, I will be ready to catch the upward breakout from a bull flag.

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