Gold consolidating tightly

Evening everyone,

Short post for today: gold consolidating in a tight range. After volatile swings in the second half of last year and the earlier half of this year, gold has recently been trading tightly around $1,600. What I once identified as an upward parallel channel has morphed into a possible ascending triangle. Basically, we have strong resistance at $1,630, and gold’s lows have been higher and higher. Markets can only do two things at the very basic level: consolidate or trend. In this case, after a considerable time rangebound around $1,600, I will be expecting a strong move soon. I have a bollinger band (dark red) on the chart – parameters: 50-day MA and 1.5 standard deviations. You can see the bands getting very narrow. Generally, once the upper and lower bands constrict(converge), an explosive usually occurs.

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