Capitaland looking bullish

Evening traders/investors,

I have an analysis of Capitaland for today.

In my last post on Capitaland – which was quite a while ago – Capitaland disappointed me in my intial bullish call; I reversed my view because the chart told me so, and true to analysis, Capitaland continued in a long-term downtrend (I take more than a year as long-term for trading purposes). Capitaland bottomed out late last year, and staged a 30% climb at the start of this year. It was not an easy ride for longer-term traders as Capitaland nose-dived to test lows at $2.40; however, Capitaland – together with other property counters – flew back up above $3.00.

I have been keeping a potential pattern on Capitaland’s chart in my chart station. Because of today’s 3.5% surge on high volume, the pattern is confirmed – an inverted head and shoulders. Price action preceding the pattern is not ideal at all since basic theory suggests that there should be a downtrend leading into a bottoming inverted head and shoulders. In Capitaland’s case, even though Capitaland came out of a long-term decline, the price action immediately preceding the inverted head and shoulders is a 30% rise. For me, I am flexible when it comes to price action preceding a pattern. So, I will regard Capitaland as coming out of an inverted head and shoulders.

I like how the moving averages are looking bullish too. The GMMA indicator, which is basically a bunch of moving averages, looks good on the daily and weekly charts also. Overall, the chart seems to tell me two things: one, Capitaland is definitely out of the 2010-2011 downtrend; two, Capitaland looks like it is at the initial stages of a long-term uptrend. The problem is that I cannot know for sure what will happen. Capitaland may just trade in a very volatile range. For now, it does look quite bullish especially because of the upward breakout from a pattern.

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