End of Europe’s uptrend while America advances?

Good evening one and all,

While browsing through charts of my workstation, I noticed quite a difference between major European indices and American ones. The general picture of the European indices seems to be that of a high made in the middle of the year, then a collapse, followed by a quick recovery, then another fall, and a small recovery to where the markets stand now. American indices were tested when selling pressure came in a few weeks ago, but buyers came out fast and the indices made V-shaped recoveries. These V-shaped recoveries are quite reliable to be traded on: the buying pressure simply blasts the market back to where it was before the decline. What this all means to me – even as my previous sentences summarized the markets on both sides of the Atlantic. – is that US indices are still considered to be in their tremendously strong uptrends but European indices are looking quite “questionable” now – at least with regards to a long-term uptrend.

I will briefly say how I think the charts may be saying something about the general economic picture: If you consider the strength and shape of the uptrend of the US indices – and basic theory about how markets relate to one another internationally – it is quite obvious that US indices have been pulling the global indices along over the years – generally-speaking, of course; however, with my recent assessment of the charts of European indices, it seems to me like Europe may be facing harder headwinds soon. There are countless factors that can come into play – and I obviously do not want to go into them; not on this site at least –  and only when events come to pass can we look back and see everything play out on the charts. But it is something I will take note. American indices are definitely back on track, and there is no indication to me of any reason why American stocks will not continue higher.

In the first three charts below, I have the Dax, CAC 40, and the Footsie. The general picture is the same: a huge consolidation after a long and strong uptrend. The worrying thing is that the recent retracements cut deep, and the markets were not able to recover back to prior levels. This is very different from American indices that have shown healthy recoveries into the prevailing uptrend. I am not suggesting a crash in European indices – barring a global decline – but when I see such trends stall, it simply means more sideways trading in the months to come. Contrast with advancing US indices, Europe certainly should not be overweight in a portfolio.

Dax   Cac  ft


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