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Hello all,

Welcome to my blog on technical analysis. The purpose of this blog is for me to refine my style of technical analysis. By regularly posting articles related to technical analysis, I can constantly discover new skills, and learn from mistakes and weak tools that I hold in my technical analysis arsenal. Also, I want to share my brand of technical analysis with all of you.

Whatever your reasons may be in coming here, I have a general guideline as to how I feel my site is to be best used. I do not think it is wise for anyone to blindly follow any recommendations I have explicitly or implicitly made in my posts. I strongly believe that each of us should do our own homework before executing a trade/investment. Please use this blog as an indicator. Read the posts here and compare them with your own analysis; see what you can come up with at the end.

Most of us are probably here because ultimately we want to profit from the market. Regarding that, I have some words to add on. I believe there should be a distinction between technical analysis and how that relates to making money in the market. Technical analysis alone will not make you profitable. I believe one must couple technical analysis with money management/trading strategies.

This whole blog was created with the theme of “technical analysis”, and not “trading”, “money-making”, or “financial freedom”. With this, I hope you all will enjoy coming here.


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