About Author

Hello all,

I am the author of this blog. It is not a personal policy for me to reveal too much personal information. However, to satisfy the curiosity of some, I will talk abit about myself.

I am a Singaporean. I am also a young participant/watcher/follower of the financial markets. I always believe in the never-ending process of learning/improvement. That is one reason why I created this blog (refer to the about site page).

I believe very much  in the art of technical analysis. I believe charts reveal alot about the underlying company, sector, economy, or country. Currently, I am holding this view: “fundamentals drive the technicals”. I do not see a chart as just a chart, I believe as alot can be learnt and inferred from a chart. A pattern is not just a pattern, but a pattern signifies something going on in real life as a result of the hopes, fears, knowledge, optimism, and greed of market participants. The sum of total of these emotions is expressed in the price level. (Italics indicate a phrase taken from Martin Pring in Technical Analysis Explained).

Regarding style of technical analysis I use when combined with trading: I am a breakout trader/momentum trader/trend follower.

With that, I hope you will be able to see my brand of technical analysis in this blog.



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