Technical Analysis Course

Rummaging through the plethora of instructional material based on various theories, experimenting with the different schools of thought, navigating the ever-fluctuating sea of numbers, processing the daily deluge of news, riding the emotional roller-coaster that all market participants are shoved a ticket to,  and then trading – where it all comes to a halt, a mere hesitation – sometimes longer than that – before the one click that can immediately link my financial well-being to a war or a natural disaster, a speech by a politician or businessman, perhaps, even the weather – even a rumour will impact a portfolio; the market does not even care to wait for confirmed news. The world of the financial markets is so diverse, unpredictable, massive, and complex.

Yet, I always had one thing guiding me through the haze, the maze, the daze – the thick and huge smokescreen that so many enter into. Technical analysis: a chart; price action; what the market has been doing and is doing.

After what the market has thrown at me over all the years, I have decided to write a course of technical analysis for those new to the market. Technical analysis forms half of my decision-making process for trading. Perhaps, a little less, as I will reveal the reason why in future. Nevertheless, a chart tells me what I need to know about the health of any market.

Sections of the technical analysis course:

1. Analysis of financial markets; definition of tecnical analysis

2. Technicalities of technical analysis

3. Theories of technical analysis

4. Trading strategies

5. Broad review of strategies

6. Limitations of technical analysis

7. Final word on technical analysis


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